Monday, April 14, 2008

Stop the press - World hunger threatens global financial systems

The UN to the rescue... food becomes too expensive...

But first, answer me how come such a high percentage of the aid given by the UN goes straight to the hands of the Oil Cartel countries - who by the way contribute almost nothing to any aid group including the UN. How come one nation, and one alone is allowed to be forced fed by aid funds from the UN for 60 years, while using all of their money to fund terrorism. You know I'm talking about Pale-Nazis. How much expensive food can the UN give to the nation of terror for free?

Here's a suggestion: Stop giving away expensive food for free to those least deserving. That might bring some commodity prices down - wouldn't it? How about abandoning the socialist approach of feeding the hungry and the terrorists who are starving their own population, and instead do the following:

1. Always intervene when genocide is in the equation, punish the murderers. 5 years and still no international force to punish Sudan for Darfur. How many years was Mugabe allowed to destroy Zimbabwe? An agriculture producing nation was allowed to be demolished by a ruthless beast, a Nazi in reverse of colors!

2. Stop funding and supporting refugee camps. Focus on refugee resettlements, and economy construction. UNRAW is the enabler, and at fault for hunger, poverty and terrorism. The UN perpetuates an unnecessary human suffering. Grievance theaters do not resolve situations - they magnify bad ones.

3. Disband the UN, make a new one - Especially disband the Human Rights Council.

4. Stop burning food for oil... sounds silly? All of the Environmentalists are on crack - sorry, it's true. The idea of using renewable energy is great - but why burn food to drive your car? Hadn't your Mom ever told you that there are Hungry Children in Africa?! Now finish your plate and stop playing with matches.

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