Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Unmanned Robot To Patrol Israel's borders?

Israellycool found it on Haaretz.

For some reason, given the description I'd expect something more like the robot from the movie "Red Planet" (in my dreams - I know). I do wonder how useful that is, remembering all the other high-tech equipment that was put over the border with Lebanon and Gaza - both fences failed and allowed terrorist infiltration. Cameras break/ sabotaged - what then? What will the robot do? Is it anything more than a self navigating 360 degrees camera?

It seems to me the only use of this thing could be to guard borders where guarding is not prone to infiltration of terrorists. As such - I would ask, what's the point?

It seems like the decision makers keep trying to find complicated solutions to saving lives of soldiers and civilians. Ever acknowledging past mistakes such as withdrawing from Gaza and Lebanon are still out of the question.

And now I turned a fun post about new invention to another politically depressing story. Sorry.

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