Monday, April 28, 2008

Israeli news website convert to Hamas propaganda mouth piece

Turned on the computer this morning, looked for some news, instead found a headline screaming from both "walla" and "ynet":

"The massacre in Gaza reveals Israel's face", subtitle provides a little less background with notice of "7 people killed during bombing".

Israelis being bombarded daily - not a headline for Israeli news site while a terrorists' spin is.

Now - 7 people killed is a tragedy, but who was killed? How many of them were armed? Was there fire from the house they were at? Did they die from Israel's fire or the Arab's? You wouldn't find an answer to any of these questions on the headlines but the accusation is laying there staring you at the face without context (nor basis - there was fire from both sides, this is no massacre).

How about some professional journalism? Stop providing inciting headlines authored by terrorists. Are they competing with Al-Jazeraa or somehing like that?

The terrorists are hiding behind their families, waiting for blood to blame Israel. The media takes no responsibility for repeating those accusations unchecked and not representing the Israeli side. Quoting Ehud Barak out of context saying: "We will continue to operate" is not an Israeli response, but another piece of the agit-prop puzzle.

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