Friday, April 25, 2008

Hamas-Nazis bomb dead Jews too

They bombed the cemetery of Ashkelon, destroyed graves. I mistakenly thought they did that while the minister of interior was visiting.
Still the families of the deceased were shocked and horrified. Earlier in the day the Paleo-Nazis murdered 2 Jews in Samaria (west bank). Blood thirsty beasts.

Rockets are still raining on civilians - Condemnation? Anyone? UN? Of course not... they're too busy funding free food for the nation that invented modern terror while real famine persists elsewhere.

Retaliation? The Israeli government are brave enough to send jets to bomb a nuke site far away in Syria - but do nothing to reverse the unbelievable strategic failure of withdrawing from Gaza.

Exit question: Is a date set - after the Israeli independence day to take down Hamastan?

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