Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Tunisia violence continues...

Some raise the potential for yet another radical Muslim regime emerging.

New Violence in Tunisia May Seal Fate of Muslim Revolution
Five people were killed in Tunisia last week as an upsurge of violence threatens to turn the revolution for freedom into a state of anarchy or the seed for a radical Muslim regime of rule by force.

Last month’s street revolution forced long-time Tunisian ruler Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali to flee and touched off more revolutionary movements in Jordan and Egypt. Ben Ali’s demise was the first time in the Arab world that a popular protest toppled a government, a phenomenon that has frightened other Muslim rulers.

Caretaker president Fouad Mebazaa is ruling by decree, allowing him to bypass the legislature.

The revolution for democracy in Tunisia was followed by looting and violence, including the burning of a small synagogue and its Torah scroll.

Police have fanned out throughout the country’s streets and faced gangs and protesters, resulting in the killing of at least five people. Opposing crowds set one police station and a high school on fire as political protesters returned to the streets, demanding that the caretaker government get rid of corrupt officials.

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