Monday, February 14, 2011

Death of Peace: Jordanian Justice Minister calls Murderer of Jewish Children Hero who Should Be Freed

Hero to him BECAUSE he murdered Jewish children. I do remember when the mass murderer committed the terror act he was labeled as 'just some crazy guy'. We've seen enough of these crazies - now we find them in the Jordanian government.

Inspector Nazi Cluzo at your service.

Jordan minister rallies for killer of Israelis
In an unprecedented move, Jordan's new justice minister on Monday joined dozens of protesters demanding the early release of a Jordanian soldier who killed seven Israeli school girls in 1997.

Monday's protest outside Mjali's office was organized by Daqamseh's family. Mjali joined the protesters, saying he was participating in his capacity as the soldier's former lawyer. "I'm committed to be here with you as his lawyer," Mjali told the cheering group.

Israeli Embassy spokeswoman Merav Horsandi said it "is difficult for us to comprehend how there are people who support the release of a cold-blooded murderer of young children."

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