Monday, February 07, 2011

ElBaradei explains worth of peace agreements with Muslims: Israel Has Peace Agreement With Mubarak, Not Egypt

The man is a criminal, who has wasted western countries resources as head of IAEA and ran interference in order to promote an Iranian nuke. But don't worry, he's a 'moderate'.

ElBaradei: Israel Has Peace Agreement With Mubarak, Not Egypt
One of the key leaders in Egypt’s anti-government movement is continuing to make waves, suggesting that he could soon go from being an “agent of change” to the country’s next president. But what does that mean for Egypt and her allies?

In a new interview with Der Speigel, Mohamed ElBaradei suggests that the region may soon experience an “Arab spring,” and distances the policies of the Hosni Mubarak administration from the future of Egypt, including a peaceful past alliance with Israel. When asked specifically how a new government potentially including the controversial Muslim Brotherhood would affect Egypt’s relationship with Israel, ElBaradei said that Israelis need to understand it’s “impossible to make peace with a single man.”

“At the moment, they have a peace treaty with Mubarak, but not one with the Egyptian people,” El Baradei said. “The Israelis should understand that it is in their long-term interest to have a democratic Egypt as a neighbor, and that it is prudent to acknowledge the legitimate interests of the Palestinians and to grant them their own state.”

The interview, quoted on 'The-Blaze', is available at Spiegel Online.

Never mind what Israel has given up for this peace. Never mind that it was not Mubarack who signed the treaty, rather his predecessor. It's Israel who needs to recognize it made peace with a single man.

It's in Israel's best interest to have the Muslim Brotherhood in power and pursue their goal to eliminate the Jewish people... sure. Thanks El-Baradai - Ya-Khmar.

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