Monday, February 07, 2011

Israeli retiring chief of staff: Get Ready For All Out War

Badly auto-translated : here. Hebrew version: here.

Outgoing Major General Ashkenazi.

Lately there's been an ugly internal generals war over the public airways. Israelis in general are disgusted by the dirty laundry exposed which no one wished to be informed of. The outgoing general is very well respected and admired for reforming and strengthening the military after disappointment with his predecessors professional execution.

In other news, Hezbollah's chief cum consumer - Nasrallah - states clearly who is behind the revolt in Egypt and what is the goal: Hizbullah chief says during solidarity rally with people of Egypt, Tunisia that "protests will push out regime that has maintained peace with Israel."

Turkey grows trade with Iran, challenging world's sanctions regime.

Hope 'n Change

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