Monday, February 14, 2011

New York Times Mocks Israel for Fearing Egyptian 'Hope and Change'

The Whitehouse 'semi spokesman' who has shown his hate of Israel in the past, is celebrating the demise of Mubarak while verbally abusing Israel. Classy.

Choice words:
Israel today has the most out-of-touch, in-bred, unimaginative and cliché-driven cabinet it has ever had.

Echoing the spirit of the Iranian stooge agent Al-Baradai:
Israel will have no choice but to make peace with 80 million Egyptians – instead of with just one man
What does it mean 'making peace with 80 millions and not one person'? I don't think Friedman understands. He might think it means supporting democracy and freedom, but to the people of Egypt it means something different all together. Something evil and sinister.

Read the rest here, NYT: Postcard From Cairo, Part 2

Friedman might have a valid point to make, he just chose once again to verbally abuse Israel and it's leaders. To be clear, I don't think his point is correct anyways - instability is not positive, and his feel-goody-hopefulness is as always out of touch and as before leads to disasters.

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