Saturday, February 05, 2011

Is Soros behind Egypt unrest and is the Obama regime acting as nothing more than a puppet?

I've finished reading the book "The Shadow Party", a very recommended read.

If you contribute to David Horowitz's fund, he'll send you the book for free.

While reading this, I've been following the news from Egypt and everything seemed to follow the playbook for revolution mentioned in the book as Soros' fingerprint.

Now, I'm not a journalist and won't dig very deep into this. I raise the question and present you with a couple of links and a thought:

* What’s Behind the Tumult in Egypt? (fpj - showing Soros' OSI involvement)

* George Soros: Why Obama has to get Egypt right (WaPo: Where Soros injects himself directly into this, and puts blame on Israel - marking his next long term target)

* Proof George Soros is behind Egypt's Revolution (some blog, with a very suspicious name - was that sarcasm or a threat?)

* The Social Networking Behind Egypt’s Unrest (taking evidence a bit away from the argument that Soros is involved, yet places it very close to where pulls his marionette strings)

My thought, if Soros is not behind this, why is he opening his Dr.Evil 'one million dollar' mouth here? Soros only speaks about global politics when he is directly manipulating it, and seldom is he candid. To one side he says he is not involved, while to the other he boasts his success in toppling regimes. One spooky evil SOB.

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