Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quick comment about Pali-Leaks

Updated with relevant video - see end of this post why...

Something stinks here. Both the motives of those who published or leaked them, as well as the content that is reported. If Abbas had agreed to Jewish sovereignty in 'Eastern' Jerusalem, and forfeit the claim to 'right of return' - then what exactly stopped both sides from signing a deal? And if any of it is true, then why exactly do they REFUSE TO TALK TO ISRAEL for about two years now.

Who exactly gains from these publications? Only those who wish to portray Fatah leadership as those who already signed a surrender treaty with Israel. I wonder how much of it is true (probably about 70%), and how much was written by Ahmedinajad's nephew in his dark Persian basement.

After I put in my speculation, a development: Today a top Fatah negotiator says - it's real, yet out of context.

PA official: Leaked memos authentic

Nabil Shaath, former member of Palestinian negotiations team, admits documents published by al-Jazeera are real. Former Fatah strongman Dahlan points finger at Israel


The Palestinian Authority has launched an intensive investigation into the leak. According to estimates, the documents were leaked from the office of chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat, who said he was willing to be questioned himself.

"I am not above the law and I will have all my staff members questioned in order to discover whether the leak came from my office," he said.

The Palestinian official accused the al-Jazeera network of intentionally distorting the documents and taking them out of context. He added that the Qatari network "encourages the Palestinians to launch a revolt against the Palestinian Authority in order to bring down the political Palestinian government."

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