Sunday, January 23, 2011

BBC doesn't miss a chance to show it's hateful bias against Israel

Disgraceful haters.

BBC's "whitewash"

Compare to normal coverage at Fox News:Israeli inquiry: Flotilla interception was legal

I'll quote the later paragraphs from Fox News, echoing my hunch from prior post:
Alan Baker, former legal adviser to Israel's Foreign Ministry, said the report will likely be accepted and rejected by countries based on their prior feelings toward Israel.

He said the committee's makeup should boost its credibility among Israel's allies. He also expected the U.N.'s commission to take it seriously.

"Whether this will persuade Turkey is doubtful. Whether this will persuade the Arab countries is very doubtful. I think the serious countries will take it very seriously because of the people who were involved and because of the international observers," he said.

"I doubt very much whether it will make an impression on those elements of the international community who are pushing the anti-Israel hostility," he added.

Elements, such as BBC news.

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