Saturday, January 08, 2011

Odd stuff: Egyptian readers converse at Israel's YNet news site

At the following article:
New Israeli military technology speeds up warfare
Sophisticated communication system that compiles battlefield information in video game-like map interface designed to knock down military's response time

Which serves nothing but PR for Elbit, the following comments were found:
3. guys Egypt give you gas

we give israel gas with low price so u should give us this technology we can share every thing ..

ahmed abd elaziz , cairo / Egypt

11. to my egyptian brother Ahmed 3

you gave them cheap gas , let thier tourists enter Sainai freely , kill the Africans infiltrators to defend thier borders, besiege Gaza to appease them BUT they would never gave you thier advanced technology simply because your corrupt regime gives them everything for nothing just to stay in power under the blessing of its American and Israeli masters.but it is just a matter of time before this humiliation comes to an end and the Egyptians take thier independence back similar to what the iranians did in 1979 .

free egyptian , Egypt (01.08.11)

My immediate opinion usually dismisses comments as sock puppets and infantile imbeciles sending talk-backs which almost no one really reads. I just found the content of the comment to match mindsets of Arabs, be they from Egypt - or within Israel. It's nonsensical of course; Give us military technology because we trade gas, some blabber about Egyptian leaders and how Egypt needs to turn into an Islamic Nazi state like Iran. It only shows that these 'military' related articles at Israeli news sites are thoroughly read by Arabs from all across the middle east. We found here one naive guy completely misunderstanding relationship between Israel and Egypt, and another hard-line Islamist nut-job yearning for a strong-man Jihadi to rule Egypt. All visible at some article revealing some technology used by IDF.

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