Thursday, January 27, 2011

Obama's Carter Moment: The Fall Of Egypt

Nothing will seal Obama's presidency as a disaster comparable only to Carter's than the collapse of Egypt's regime and rise of yet another Islamic theocracy where once was a western ally. This is precisely what Carter pushed for in Iran where he has brought misery for generations to come, and this is precisely what is happening in Egypt and might roll on in the rest of the Arab world.

This is a human catastrophe in action. If Mubarak will fall, it will not be a new age of freedom and civil rights, it will be a rise of the first Muslim Brotherhood major state. It will be the first shot of world war III; state global Jihadism.

El-Baradei to return to Egypt as riots continue
Prominent reformist expected to arrive Thursday to support demonstrations against Mubarak's regime. 'There is no choice,' he says; 40 protestors charged with trying to 'overthrow the regime'

El-Bardai is an impotent stooge, the rioters are not his supporters. If he tries to take the reigns, he will soon be replaced. Egypt will fall if the riots won't cease.

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