Saturday, January 08, 2011

Loons on Salon.Com blame Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush for nut-job Jarod Loughner murder spree

Follow this link:

Search for the words Glenn Beck, you'd find despicable things, including this:
This is what happens when you incite rightwingers for profit.

Sarah Palin et al., all have Congresswoman Giffords' blood on their hands. You CANNOT make irresponsible statements like "don't retreat, reload" or "I've got those liberals in my crosshairs" and then try to shed responsibility when something like this happens. SOMEONE is going to take this inflammatory rhetoric to heart, as we've already seen with the crazy Glenn Beck follower planning to murder over Beck's heated rhetoric about the Tides Foundation.

These rightwing "news" personalities must be held accountable. They may express horror and grief over this just as we in Arizona are, but we have no choice but to think this is the outcome they secretly wanted when they throw out their irresponsible, inciteful comments about "second amendment remedies" with prideful ignorance.

Expect more prominent lefty moonbats to echo same non-sense. I bet that right wing 'Communist Manifesto' has set him off... sure.

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