Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why the peace proceses died: Abbas memorializes Arafat

Supposed peace partners never abandoned terror and keep glorifying it. All treaties signed were never honored by Arabs. None.

Abbas memorializes Arafat, for which ZOA condemns Abbas
Abbas, head of Fatah and the Palestinian Authority (P.A.) led Fatah supporters in commemoration of the anniversary of the death of his predecessor, Arafat.

The crowd chanted Arafat’s slogans, such as “millions of martyrs are marching to Jerusalem,” meaning to take it away from Israel by war. Bypassing negotiations [to which Arafat and the P.A. committed itself in writing), Abbas said the P.A. would appeal directly to the UN for statehood.

ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said, “How can Mahmoud Abbas be claiming to seek a real peace with Israel when he honors someone who ordered the killing of thousands of Israeli citizens? We condemn this obscene ceremony held in Ramallah.

“Yasser Arafat founded a terrorist movement, deceitfully engaged in negotiations with Israel while radicalizing Palestinian society with poisonous incitement to hatred and murder. He then responded to extraordinary Israeli concessions in a peace plan proposed by President Bill Clinton and accepted by then-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak with a wave of terrorism that claimed the lives of some 1,500 Israeli men, women and children and the maimed thousands more (11/16 press release by ZOA, headquartered in New York and of which I am a member, http://www.zoa.org/ ).

No moderate, Abbas! Nor is he sincere about peace. Then why is the U.S. subsidizing his regime and supporting its acquisition of the sovereign right to import heavy weapons?

A declaration of independence to cover Jewish communities in Judea-Samaria and part of Israel’s capital would mean war to get it, ethnic cleansing if they succeed. If they succeed, they will have deprived Israel of secure boundaries. That means the P.A. would start another war, involving their committing genocide. Imagine, a group of people who never themselves had a country, demanding part of another country’s capital! That, alone, would mean war.

Now wasn’t it foolish of Israel to let them advance to that stage and not to have scotched it years ago by annexing at least the nearby settlement blocs? What does this show about PM Netanyahu’s policy of helping prepare the P.A. for statehood? How did he ever anticipate eventual peace from such fanatics?

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