Monday, November 30, 2009

Did you notice those 'meet your genius TSA agent' cutouts at airports?

Just flew from Detroit to Orlando, and while waiting at the security lines I noticed life size cutouts of images of TSA agents with smiles and their resumes. I guess some people took to heart all the jokes about the minimal qualification requirements for acceptance to TSA, so they dug out the one with a Masters in something - anything - and made him the face of TSA.

I wonder, how much money did it cost to produce - and place that unnecessary propaganda greening at us while we get abused on our way to the plane?

PS. They took away my after shave. And after a 10 minutes stare contest, I said - whatever, discard it.

I wish them all the best, I really do. I'm sure following strict and not-always smart orders is a tedious task, facing your fellow Americans as they frown and groan, while they feel our growing.

TSA's new blue.

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