Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Moonbats go apeshit crazy on Amazon's page for Palin

Update - Amazon seems to have removed the image seen below. Good.

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Disgraceful loons have nothing better to do with their lives. How do you like your hope'n'change? Is this the Obama-utopia you wanted loons?

This moonbat placed this idiotic picture as a customer image of the book:

A barrage of idiotic 'critics' calling her all sorts of names. People, you have nothing better to do? I pity the schlob who bothers reading these nonsensical collection of words posing as criticism. Not as nearly many coloring pages as you expected? Ha... so funny - except that there was an Obama coloring booklet, condom, vibrator, kids books, candies, and endless idiotic stuff. It was Obama who made up a presidential sign with Latin blabber before being elected. It is Obama who continues to show his international ignorance of protocol, apologizes for America, can't speak without a teleprompter. But hey kids, don't bother yourself with that - go ahead and write nonsense as criticism of a book you've never read. Ha - so funny and mature.

What exactly did this woman ever do to you that you hate her so?

Did she raise taxes on you?
Cause collapse of markets?
Extend national debt?
Create stimulus slush fund and lie about saving jobs?
Put admitted communists as advisers?
Bring terrorists to New York?
Condemn police for arresting a man? Jumping to racist conclusions?
Refuse to acknowledge a terror act?
Release Gitmo terrorists to paradise island?
Increase deficit?
Collapse Dollar?
Rescue AIG?
Bring ACORN thugs to threaten people at their home?
Bring SEIU thugs to beat down protesters of health reform?
Hire tax cheats in government?
Conduct war on news outlet?
Persecute CIA investigators?

What exactly did Sarah Palin do to these moonbats to bring the hate?

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