Friday, November 20, 2009

Arab 'peace partner' calls for violence, Israel arrests 5 top PA officers

Watching a slow-motion train collide in action. The whole notion of a 'peace process' is that sides talk and denounce violence. As it so happens, Abbas has refused to talk for about a year, and is now calling for 'popular resistance' - which is code for staged photo-op of victim 'civilians' hurt by Israel Military. The result of which, is known - creating public opinion in the terror supporting population of the PA, and restarting suicide bombing campaign. Peace partner? No - just another terrorist.

Abbas: People must resist, like in Bilin
In BBC interview, Palestinian president reiterates that there will be no peace talks with Israel as long as settlement construction continues. Like other senior Fatah officials, he talks about popular resistance. He also accuses Hamas of negotiating with Israel

Gee - I wonder what convinced Abbas to take such actions? Which world leader gave promises on day of election that he would deliver Israel to Abbas? (Hint - it rhymes with Shmobamar)
Israel arrsets 5 PA intelligence officers
Five officers in Palestinian General Intelligence Service detained near West Bank village of Salfit. Palestinians say efforts being made to secure their release. Estimates are that arrests likely connected to PA investigation of collaborator

Hey Arabs: Want peace? Come back to negotiation table and start make some concessions. Any. And finally abide by the treaties you've signed.

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