Thursday, November 12, 2009

Algerian terrorists in Italy arrested after trying to pose as soccer players

They probably just 'snapped'. Because of pre-traumatic stress disorder and discrimination. Anyways - not terrorists - just disturbed. A tragedy really.

Man made disaster averted? (isn't bizarro PC lingo the real crime?)

Italy: 17 Algerians arrested in terrorism probe
MILAN — Italy's top security official said Thursday that authorities have smashed an international terror cell with the arrest in Italy and elsewhere in Europe of 17 Algerians who were raising money to finance terrorism.

Interior Minister Roberto Maroni, speaking to reporters in Rome, called the terror cell "significant."

"An Algerian terror cell that gathered money for terrorist activities outside of Europe has been dismantled," Maroni said.

The arrests stemmed from an anti-terrorism investigation in Milan, and anti-terrorist units from Algeria, Austria, Britain, France, Spain and Switzerland cooperated in the probe, Milan police said.

Six of the arrests were in Italy, police said in a statement.

Milan Prosecutor Armando Spataro said the initial investigation involved terrorism, but the suspects were being held on charges of criminal association and falsifying documents — not the charge of international terrorism introduced in Italy after the Sept. 11 attacks. He said investigators were still working on the case.

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