Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Parliamentary Democracy in Action

The Israeli political system is in turmoil. There is a massive push by the media, political groups and politicians to force a resignation and new election. The funny part is that the lefty groups believe that in some way this will help them, when the polls show that the population has shifted far more to the right due the last 7 years of terror. Olmert was elected only because he was associated with Sharon, who earned the trust of the people by his strategic brilliance and political patience. Though his many – many faults, Sharon has superb achievements when it comes to defeating terrorism in the long run. This allowed him and Olmert to be excused for the worst maneuver in history – deportation of Jews out of Gaze (at least the worst since the unification of Nazi Germany with Austria, then Czechoslovakia, then Croatia, then Poland, then Europe).

Now the masks are off and the public in Israel has had enough. This only goes to show the power of free speech, the power of a democracy. It is not the first time that the political system is steaming after a war; see how the public reacted to the Yom Kipur war. Also, there was a new election right after the final collapse of the Oslo accord in 2000. When a Prime Minister in Israel fails the public, he is due to be brushed off.

The Arabs are celebrating as if this is somehow proof of their “Devine victory”. I still maintain that there was no victory on any side. On the Iranian/Shiite/ Hezbollah side there was no victory since there was no achievement while there was massive devastation. Their only goal is the destruction of Israel, of which they are incapable. They showed they can harass the civilian population on all sides (including Christians and Sunnis in Lebanon), and bring devastation and poverty on their own. If the Arab mentality would not be so inclined to blindness when it comes to self criticism, their masses should have called for the removal of the tyrannical Mafia which took hold over the Shiites by the power of Iran. If anything, when Arabs look at the news coming out of Israel, they should envy. Only in Democracies failed leaders are tossed out of the circle of influence. Only in Israel, as opposed to the rest of the Middle East, a voice of self criticism is heard.

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