Friday, November 16, 2012

Obama urges Egypt to pressure Gaza to cease attacking civilians, Egypt sends PM as human shield to express solidarity, president Morsi threatens war on Israel

Surprise, the Jihadi Muslim Brotherhood in charge in Egypt - are aligned with the Jihadi Muslim Brotherhood who took charge in Gaza.

Bonus, when they fail to murder Jews, they murder Arabs in Gaza. Blood thirsty animals.

* Gaza rocket fire continues during Egypt PM's visit

Imagine Hamas's fire crackers hitting your kitchen. Hey kids, snack time?

* Egypt's PM in Gaza denounces Israel's attacks as 'aggression'

Show of solidarity, no pressure to stop targeting civilians.

* Morsi aims to incite violence against Israel
* Obama presses Egypt to help rein in Hamas as Gaza conflict escalates
And finally, the talks Obama had with Morsi weren't about stopping Hamas, they are actually about Morsi's real current intentions:
Obama works to avert Israel-Egypt break as Gaza violence persists

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