Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What if...

A bus explodes in Israel, Gaza celebrates. A missile hits Rishon L'Zion residential building, Gazastan boast victory. Turkey's FM sheds tears in Gaza hospital - you know - where they hide their long range missiles, where they fire them from at Jerusalem. Egypt's Morsi was reported yesterday to have said that a cease fire will have happened yesterday, yet he didn't say that. He said "Israelli aggression". Israel is surrounded and led by its enemies - all support continued murder and terrorizing Jews in Israel.

Well, what if Israel had done a small bit of what it is accused of?
  • If Israel were to target civilians, Gaza would evaporate. 
  • If Israel was a terrorist state, then why aren't the Arabs in Israel, Judea, Summeria terrorized? Why do Gaza civilians feel relatevily safe while bombs descend on terrorists next door?
  • If Israel were ever to perform ethnic cleansing, then how come it is plagued with hostile Arabs?
  • If Israel was the aggressor, then how-come it had to develop and deploy a super expensive rocket defense system? What exactly about sending missiles at Israeli civilians not making the Arabs the aggressors?

The maddening part of it all - is that these are all simply logical statements, easy to comprehend by level headed individuals. However, Israel and Jews are dealing with a deranged world, unhinged media, and Nazi-like Turkey and Egypt.

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