Sunday, August 05, 2012

Thwarted: Terrorists from Egypt fire rockets, infiltrate Israel with stolen military armored vehicle after slaughter of Egyptian soldiers

It's a complicated picture of what happened today, a single headline doesn't do it justice. It's amazing that even after Egypt was taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood, other Jihadi groups still slaughter Egyptian military for the sake of terrorizing Israelis.

Although today's attack ended without Israeli casualties, it is still a terror attack signaling yet another deterioration, and escalation of the situation.

IAF thwarts terror attack at Egypt border

Arab media outlets say armed gunmen from global jihadist movement attacked Egyptian soldiers in north Sinai; hijacked armored vehicle and infiltrated into Israel. IAF hit target; no Israeli casualties reported

WTF? Reuters puts the words terrorists in quoation. Because - in some parallel universe, these aren't terrorists?!
Israel says "group of terrorists" attack Egypt border post

Other related headlines of same story:
Terrorists Kill 20 Egyptian Soldiers on Border
Terrorists attack Egypt base killing 15, infiltrate Israel
Armed men attack Egyptian military base in Sinai, stealing 2 armored vehicles and ramming through Kerem Shalom Crossing; one vehicle explodes, the 2nd hit by IAF strike, at least 3 terrorists killed; no Israelis hurt.
Two days ago Israel issued an alert for a terror attack from Egypt, this morning, Israel took out a 22 year old described as a leader of a global jihad group. In the evening hours, the attack came.
Israel says terror groups are planning to abduct Israelis from the Sinai peninsula

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