Monday, November 26, 2012

Truce?! Gaza infiltrator attempts stabbing family, blocked by hero Mom

I was hoping for at least a week of rest from this shit. I'm sure the families living around Gaza were hoping as well.

Gaza man shot dead by IDF troops in Eshkol

They blow up so young, who would have thought these children would grow up to be murderers?
Man infiltrates Israeli border, attacks resident of southern border town before being shot dead; army probes possible terror attack

An IDF force has shot dead an assailant who broke into a home in the southern town of Sdei Avraham on Monday and stabbed a female resident. The woman was lightly hurt in the attack.

A preliminary investigation by the army found that the trespasser was a Gaza resident who infiltrated Israel's border. The security services initially reported the incident was criminal in nature but later postulated the attack was nationalistically driven.

According to the IDF, he was shot down by Kfir Brigade soldiers when he tried to assail the troops who ordered him to stop.

According to Deputy Inspector General Peretz Amar of the Negev police, the Gaza man broke into the home at 4 am and attacked the woman, who was at the house with her children. She fought back, making him flee. The woman was lightly hurt in the her face and shoulder when he wielded his knife

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