Tuesday, April 06, 2010

UK MPs unshaken by 7/7 events, want review of terror laws and state of emergency

Actually this post is a collection of UK terror news from the past two weeks.

Don't let reality interrupt your tea time - quick, condemn the Jews!

In which direction will England go given that it is still under threat of Jihad? Yep - dhimmitude and capitulation, great job!
MPs Demand Full Review Of Terror Laws
MPs from all parties have demanded a full review of counter terrorism legislation put in place since 2001.

They want to know whether many news laws were necessary and are calling on the security services to justify the country's prolonged "state of emergency".

In declaring a temporary state of emergency after the September 11 attacks, the Government was able to legally set aside some of its Human Rights obligations under the European Convention.

'Human Rights' has turned into euphemism for special beneficial treatment of Muslims at the expense of everyone else.

But don't worry, surely pundits across the nation will rush to counter this idiocy and protection of life in face of terror - no?! Nope: Doubt cast on UK strategy to tackle terror, UK Muslims fear being spied on by govt scheme, Mishandling Muslim communities

Somehow, the violent and aggressive counter-culture that has invaded the UK - is treated as the victim. Of course they are - that's how leftists think.

Obviously the kind of news you will read below, will never be highlighted within England, you'd have to seek Indian sources to read about them:
Al-Qaeda urges UK fanatics to build DIY cruise missiles

Sounds like that whole 'Qassam' nonsense Jews in southern Israel had to endure will soon be a familiar issue in England too. Obviously, they will welcome it with more 'Human Rights' nonsense and blabber by their MPs. Londonistan to conquer the former British empire?

Why would England try to spy on its peaceful Muslim communities - it's not like there are fanatic groups there practicing homicidal tendencies? Right?
Britain on 'dirty bomb' alert: Threat of terror attack using nuclear or chemical weapons is rising, says Home Office

Mmmm.... move along, nothing to see here, just some radioactivity in your neighborhood, don't let that stop your tea party. Quick 'da jooooos' used fake passports to take out a mass murdering terrorist - CONDEMN the JEWS!

Britian could always count on its allies to do the actual terror fighting for them... that's why they are so friendly to ally nations:
Taxi driver bomb plot - no problem with Muslims communities here.

Soon to be canceled program to counter terror - monitoring terrorists:
UK police asks Internet cafes to monitor customers

Given that Ahmend and Muhammad are more popular names than George and Henry in England these days, no surprise to find a headline like this: U.K. Brothers Convicted for Plotting Terrorist Attack - where if you'd click you'd find the brothers have one of those 'new age' names oh-so-popular in England: Abbas and Ilyias Iqbal. Gee - multi-culturism and anti-semitism seem to work out fantastically for grand ol' Britian.

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