Thursday, April 22, 2010

Comedy Central is fucked up

It's cool and ok to use crass language against Palin, her daughter, her special needs son, every Republican, everyone who appears on fox news. It's OK to make fun of Holocaust, and air anti-semitic 'jokes' by self loathing Jews. Everything goes as long as it's from a far-kooky lefty liberal point of view. Because it's 'funny'.

Well fuck you guys. Seriously! Censoring 35 seconds worth of conversation?! Move your fucking channel to fucken Saudi Arabia where it belongs. Go wear a fucken burka and hide in a fucking cave you coward asshole morons!

There - I said it.

I'll let allahpundit explain why I'm so fucken pissed off.

I posted earlier this morning - I just had no idea how horribly things have gone.

Previously I posted: Southpark presents: The new face of Mohamed

And I was never shy of expressing my opinions of the rapist pedophile who took Aisha.

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