Thursday, April 22, 2010

The stench of 'Peace Process': Gaza gov't vows to abduct more Jews, execute suspected spies

In Gaza: Hamas leader vows to capture more Israeli soldiers

Also in Sharia Heaven aka Gazastan aka Hamastan: Hamas vows to keep executing 'collaborators' in Gaza

And the PA in Ramallah names streets and squares after murderers, mass murderers, and simply 'Jihad'. But don't worry, NYT says we just don't understand the narrative. You say 'potato', I say 'pot-a-to', he says 'death to Jews' and means it. How bigoted of us to misunderstand the narrative. Of course, trying to excuse glorification of murderers by fabrication and lies regarding Menahem Begin is just accepted as a 'he said, she said' by the reporter. Feel the stench of the peace process in the air. It's all relativism.

Of course, those who lack knowledge or are willing to ignore reality in the name of even handedness will surely usher a new era of trust. Just as soon as I'll start farting gold.

Obviously the solution to all the problems in the middle east is to halt construction in Ramot Shlomo - Jerusalem...

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