Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Elections in the UK

In the cesspool of anti-Semite pro-Arab 'pluralist' England that is today, who should we root for? As it turned out in France, a change in government after the horrible predecessor of Sarkozy - was a blessed occasion both for France and the global community. It's high time the Britz get rid of their insane lefty government. Brown was sitting around as PM without ever being elected for far too long. They even managed to form an inquiry committee to perform a sort of a 'field trial' to Tony Blair for his decision to side with the USA against Saddam Hussain.

As for my perspective, I'm no fan of left or the right in England. I'd be happy to be proven otherwise, but it seems they are all convinced in the antisemitic filth distributed on their media and I hold no hopes for them. It seems the choice is usually between lefty pro-Muslim capitulation and rightist clones of the Nazi party. At both these extremes - a harsh hatred of Jews simmers.

Like Spain, which was rocked by Islamic terror only to elect the antisemetic almost communist left, the UK are too on the path to one of the extremes.

Am I being too generic/inclusive in my observation? What about the 'center'? Well - I don't know. I didn't manage to observe any 'centrist' conversation. From the BBC, Sky, Financial Times and web based content - I can't see it. It's just not there.

Instead of finding someone in the UK shocked that Hamas suicide bombing terrorists came from the UK to murder in Tel Aviv, That a student from England tried to blow up a plane to Detroit, that the shoe bomber was British and so many other such instances... you only find public flogging of Israel and Israelis. Outrage over usage of passports, boycott of Jews, Academic boycotts as well as industrial, attempts to incarcerate Israeli higher ranks in Britian and generally non-stop hostility. Attempts to bring this to light and debate are shouted down by both the Dhimmi leftists, and the BNP supporters.

Will future events bring any sanity to England? We will soon find out, May 6th. Britons - find some sanity before you destroy yourselves.

Election fever begins in England

Mr. Brown, get out of town (as Dr. Sues wrote...)

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