Friday, October 16, 2009

Which countries back stabbed Israel in UN-Human Rights Council? India, Russia and more

Some things are inexcusable, my source for who voted what is in Hebrew, I'm sure an English version exists somewhere.

So which non-Muslim countries voted in favor, abstained or avoided the conference so as to not cast a vote?

In favor of Goldstone:
Russia, China, Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, India, Jibuty, S.Africa, Brazil, Chile

Bosnia, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Belgium, S.Korea, Slovenia, Uruguay

Refused to participate:
France, Britain

Back stabbing all the way. Every nation which chose not to oppose has in fact allowed this injustice. Israel should cancel any collaboration on any level they had with the countries who voted in favor - and consider how to interact with those who abstained.

This vote proves how the Oslo process was nothing but a total catastrophe. Any attempt by Israel to reconcile and promote peace - by accords or unilateral withdrawal goes punished by the nations of this world.

Peace?! Who's seeking peace here? India and Russia seem to be well content with rockets on the heads of Sderot kids for 8 years, and are obsessively concerned if the Jews would consider self defense. Those who voted in favor of this decision have in fact cast their vote to allow demolishing Israel and promote the genocide Hamas and Iran are contemplating.

PS. Some are claiming that this is a diplomatic defeat for Israel and a personal defeat for Benjamin Netanyahu. I completely disagree, the nature of this 'council' and its members predetermined the consequence. This situation is not new, nor is it in any way under any Israeli control. The only thing I'm saying, and keep saying is that it underpins the tragedy of the Oslo accord and the false assumptions and hopes that created it.

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