Thursday, October 08, 2009

Obama turns Bush's successful war on terror in Afghanistan to unmitigated defeat

Until the day Obama stepped into office, we heard very little about the Afghanistan front. Despite the Dems using Taliban/Afghanistan as a talking point, pretending 'the real war is there and Iraq is a diversion', and promising to follow through and increase the effort in Afghanistan.

Until Obama stepped in the situation was under control.

9 months of 'the one' involvement and all hell is breaking loose. Suddenly, American casualties increase and commanders on the ground demand immidiate reinforcement or face a defeat.

What is the white house response?
AP Source: Obama Willing to Accept Taliban in Afghanistan, Will Shift Focus to al-Qaeda.... , also - NYT: Afghan War Debate Now Leans to Focus on Al Qaeda

In what way and which bizarre world is Taliban not a threat!?

In March Obama declared a strategy for Afghanistan, as a direct result, in October Obama is about to abandon Afghanistan.

While in power Obama forced NATO and US troops to read enemy fighters Miranda rights and immediately deliver them to Afghan 'government'.

All the while, Obama is still trying hard to close Gitmo. Releasing terrorists to Yemen or Island resorts. Investigating CIA interrogators. Allow Iranian intervention in Afghanistan with limp if any US response. Banning lingo such as 'war on terror', 'jihadis'. Muslim outreach programs and groveling speeches to Arab world. Refusal to even consider striving for victory where battles are fought.

Obama's train of thought is that of the anti-Vietnam war 60-s hippies. Anti-war at all costs. Massive protests and low moral of draft recruits was the situation in the 60-s. In contrast, Since 2001 there was a huge wave of support for armed service and massive waves of voluntary recruitment. The public has and still is supporting the war. The public and their president live in different decades. Hey Obama - the 60-s are over!!! (thank heavens)

So what is Obama's strategy regarding the war? LOSING IT DELIBERATELY AND SUCCUMBING TO ANY DEMAND.

The strategy of the defeatists is to impose defeat. How can anyone be surprised? If someone's idols and friends are Marxists and those who bombed the pentagon, he might be exactly that kind of person himself.

Bush won three wars. Obama is about to lose all fronts and create new ones.

Face it. With the silent covert actions in Afghanistan, the world wide secret war in secret prisons; Bush had Al-Quada and Taliban at bay. Bush won the Iraq war and toppled Saddam. And then the 3rd war in Iraq, separate from toppling Saddam was finally won with the surge. Are these not facts?!

What low point in History are we approaching right now?

More Afghan war turning to crap by hands of Obama: (from Drudge Report)
American troops in Afghanistan losing heart, say army chaplains
'We're lost, that's how I feel. I'm not exactly sure why we're here'...
'There's no tangible reward for the sacrifice'...
'The whole country is going to s***'...
Tired, strained, confused and just want to get through...

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  1. We have yet to really begin to lose. It has taken the Islamic terrorist organizations a couple of years to recover from the bloody nose we gave them in Iraq. The tide is turning, but it has not become out of hand, yet.