Monday, October 05, 2009

Police find wheelbarrows with rocks in temple mount Mosque compound

Religion of peace? Mosques are used as recruiting, inciting, and distribution center for riots. Piece of sh@@ religion. All people of faith should condemn usage of religious institution as source of violence. Those who practice violence aught to suffer the consequence. All things considered though, I urge people to do their best to avoid playing into those excrement heads goals: No religious riots. Let the police do their job faithfully.

Image source and article from JPort.
Police find wheelbarrows with rocks in Al Aqsa compound
Jerusalem police explained their decision to allow only worshipers over the age of 50 into the Temple Mount on Monday, revealing that wheelbarrows filled with rocks had been discovered throughout the Aqsa Mosque compound on Sunday.

Palestinians filled the wheelbarrows with stones in preparation for riots in the Old City, police assessed. The wheelbarrows, in addition to intelligence information and the call on Palestinian to "come and defend" Al-Aqsa, led the police to restrict entrance to the Temple Mount.

Large forces of police and border police were patrolling the city on Monday, as thousands of Jewish worshipers flocked to the Western Wall Plaza for the twice-yearly Priestly Blessing, which went ahead without incident.

In the wake of recent clashes between police and Palestinian rioters in the Old City, Jerusalem police chief Cmdr. Aharon Franco said the capital's Muslim residents are "ungrateful."

Notice that Israeli Arab MK-s took the opportunity these days to incite further violence, several Arab 'reporters' provided false reportage in attempt to stir more violent emotions.

Obviously it is yet another orchestrated violent riot. Supposedly called for from Iran/Syria/Gaza. If anything, I'd like to have all those who have provided fuel to flames and support of rioters including Israeli Arab MK-s investigated for their ties to enemy entities!

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