Monday, March 03, 2008

Random icky thoughts

* Word of the day - "Escalation". Since every day rockets are fired at Israel, what constitutes an "escalation"? How come some days the Israeli media is focused on reporting every injury and hit by those missiles, and another chooses to almost ignore it. Not news worthy anymore. A 7 story apartment building was hit by a rocket - which international media outlet reported that "escalation"? 7 minutes in the morning on the Israeli news websites that's that.

* Ban Ki Moon - is that how you spell Kofi Anan in reverse? He is outraged about disproportion. How about being outraged regarding the daily bombardment of Jews. Ha? Not a peep?! You double speaking A-Hole!

* On the day the UN security counsel votes on sanctions against Iran, Israel stops fighting terror - while the Israeli minister of Defense proclaims the operation will continue - the PM undercuts him and orders immediate withdrawal. What are the chances that Olmert takes orders (not friendly advisories) from someone who is not an Israeli?

* Shas - the ultra-orthodox, sometimes think themselves to be anti-zionist, while sometimes pretend to be ultra patriotic right wing, Their high ranking minister calls the disengagement the worst strategic move in the history of Israel, calls for an immediate unified government with Likud due to imminent threats to national existence. Now - weren't they part of the government that participated in expelling Jews out of their homes in Gaza? What "new" threats didn't the knuckle head see that he sees now?

* As I've said, this government criminally neglects its duties to guard Jewish Israeli Civilians. AFTER the short lived operation, they remembered to start debating the question: "Why don't we fire back to the sources of bombing regardless of civilian density?" Yes - why? Especially since you promised to do so prior to disengagement/expulsion of Jews.

* When "leaders" of Arabs in Israel outright support genocidal murder of Jews - what kind of a civil rule allow them to continue to walk free? Hasn't anyone heard of the word "Treason"? Providing Material and financial support to enemies of the state? See, Israel incarcerates people who throw pig's heads to a mosque, but fails to do a thing against those who operate in broad daylight to destroy the state and eliminate Jews.

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