Thursday, March 13, 2008

Impolite, lying, BBC broadcaster blames Sderot Mayor for his town's misfortune of being the target of Arab's rockets

BBC - What an enterprise!

She wouldn't let him finish a sentence, more than insinuated that Arabs are just to bomb civilians in Sderot because their economy stinks - because of those damn Jews.

She made up fabrications about moderate Hamas members wanting to make peace but because of the mean Jews they changed their minds.

She tried to ridicule him - asking if he is calling the European Unions liars, is the whole world wrong but you are right?!

She tried to tell a man living under a threat of daily rockets bombardment that Human rights activists are still blaming the Jews for the Arab's problems in Gaza.

He told her two important things:
1. She is lying. A liar.
2. He blames her - the media for not telling Sderot's story and focusing only on the story Hamas tells from Gaza.

BBC has no shame - and shame on them indeed!

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