Thursday, February 28, 2008

Criminal Negligence: Abandoning Jewish Israeli Civilians

The Israeli government, for some obscure reason, had withdrawn from Gaza, and had done nothing productive since to protect its civilian population. There have always been empty threats and excuses not to take action – thereby abandoning citizens to terror attacks through rockets.

Would bombing empty buildings and sand dunes from the air change a thing? Would taking one or two terror leader once a week or occasionally sending troops a few yards into Gaza only to pull them out hours later protect anyone? Or more importantly – do the leaders of Israel believed at any point that this type of action would cause any actual effect?

It is a failure of a policy that has brought upon the current situation. That policy had not begun with the disengagement/pull out of Gaza. The policy was dictated by Clinton and signed by Rabin and Arafat. Until Oslo is reverted – until the security needs of civilian population precede the fantasy based goals of “peace making”, the criminal negligence will continue.

Talks and empty threats prolong the problem. A short term military incursion is a band aid to an infectious deep cut. Unless measures are taken to seize control for good over Gaza – the families of Sderet, Ashkelon and the agriculture villages around are left defenseless.

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