Friday, March 07, 2008

Leading lefty Israeli journalist calls murdered Jewish teens Fascists on Swiss Radio.

The page is in Hebrew. Do click to watch a picture of one of those "Fascists".

Here's a quick translation:

After expressing solidarity with Israel after the killing of 8 students and wounding of 7 by an extremist Palestinian (as described by the broadcaster), says the broadcaster:
"And now to understand what we might expect from this assassination, we called Gideon Levy, a journalist from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. Mr. Levy, what would be in your opinion the consequences of this case?"

Levy: "First, we must remember that before the incident Israel killed 120 Palestinians in Gaza in the last week... People should also known that the Yeshiva is a strong hold of extremist Fascists in Israel, those that would never suffice with reactions from the government..."

Broadcaster: "So what is the solution now?"

Levy: "First a cease fire between all parties... of course the deep solution is an end to occupation..."

Now click on the link to see a 16 year old blond fascist called Abraham David Moses, a tenth grade student.

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