Friday, April 06, 2007

Some say the problem with Iraq is that the Iraqis won’t fight for their country – I disagree

I’ve been paying attention to media people proclaiming that the reason Iraq has not become a normal place during the US forces presence is because the Iraqis do not stand up against the terrorist and fight back. I find a major flaw with this analysis based in the idea that the problem has to do with use of force. From what I gather, the real issue is that Arabs (and not just Iraqis) tend to pick sides with what they perceive as their clan, and with that side they will stand shoulder to shoulder till the bloody hopeless end. The western value of pursuit of happiness does not apply. It is the pursuit of perverse justice, blood vengeance that triggers the emotions in the region. The direct consequence of such mentality is that the Muslim Arabs of Iraq take sides with the terrorists be it from the Shiite wing or the Sunni. The only one enemy both camps agree on is the US or the US trained and financed secular Iraqi army and police.

The battle has been lost and the victory will continue to elude the west as long as the leaders of the west refuse to acknowledge the real root of the violence – the Arab mentality. Such mentality uses bully like techniques to overtake any conversation, stifle ideological resistance and eventually let only the murderous madness become the consensus among its target audience. Only once that mentality is defeated, can we expect whistle blowers and collaboration from the locals. Once this is achieved, victory will be at hand.

The real battle should have been for the minds of the Arabs – but not through dialogue and good will – only through the technique they have grown to trust: Blatant indoctrination and denial of freedoms. Arabs in the Middle East are brain washed through an onslaught of broadcast media which admires Islamic Jihad and finds only evil in the western culture. Access to hateful media should have been blocked as a first step of trying to implement a new horizon for the Middle East. It is now clear – Arabs choose violence, and the US tax payers pay the bill.

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