Thursday, April 12, 2007

Norway -friends of Hamas

As the frozen country awakens into spring - it springs into action to fund the PA government despite the fact that it is still controlled by a world renounced terror group, still declares its desire to murder all the Jews and still proclaims to want to impose Sharia on everyone in the west. One question: WHY? My guess - the Norwegians, after years of political apathy, and media sympathy to terror, after years of accepting communist propaganda - the people there don't care that their government supports terror. The people of Norway, simply put, are still in hibernation.


  1. Anonymous8:04 AM

    They are not in hibernation. They are actively anti-Jewish. Long history of same. Worthless. WISH they were hibernating, but they have supported the Palestinians for a long time, and why? Jew hatred. Is there another explanation?

  2. I try to make a distinction between the people of Norway, the silent majority to whom I can still give some benefit of a doubt, and between the government and politicians. The people of Norway vote for socialists because of pure socialist reasons. They believe in a nanny state, and when your government is filthy rich from oil, you don't mind paying 60% income tax as long as your social benefits out way those 60%.

    The socialist politician on the other hand follow the international communist movement and abuse their political power to implement the evilness of communism through out the years. The communists have supported PLO and Arab countries throughout the Israeli-Arab conflict. Their current support for Hamas is the bastard child of such evil policy.

    The people of Norway are indifferent to truth, and my point in the short blip above was to say that their frozenness bears child now to supporters of terror while the rest of the western world awakens to the threat of Jihad.