Monday, March 26, 2007

Here's the reason to Arab's reluctance to split Iraq

Jihad watch has quoted an interview with Jordan's crown prince - here

Within this interview, the main reason stated for objection to the splitting of Iraq - right after blaming the US for everything and stating that when his uncle was king everything was great - he clearly exclaims that it would strengthen Israel, and if the bigger states of Arabs were split into minority small states - the Jews would be a dominant minority. AND WE CAN'T HAVE THAT - CAN WE?!

This only goes to show the depth of hate that lingers even within the most scholar and moderates you may find in the middle east. He would rather see hundreds of Arabs die each day than to let his hated neighbor Jews SEEM stronger.

His conclusion with "100 year war" is given without context, possibly deliberately, because I'm not sure he means a "100 year war" in Iraq. To me it sounds that separating the opposites in Iraq would pacify the situation (peace among war mongers is impossible). Could it be that he means that because he thinks that Israel might seem somehow stronger - it could take more than 100 years to defeat it? This monarch giddily forgets his family signed a peace agreement with those "hated Jews", and way before that "the extremest Jews" had saved the Jordanian regime several times from Islamist's overthrow.

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