Monday, February 13, 2006

The sleeping coward that is Europe

As the dust of riots settles, the truth is revealed. Several sources show that the Cartoon riots were in fact orchestrated by three rouge states. Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia. The later had provided finance to radical Imams to travel the globe to spread the word of “outrage”. The drones, the masses, the simple Muslims would gather for prayers on Fridays and were then ordered to torch embassies and burn flags they have never seen. There is nothing spontaneous in how it all had happened. If one is to look at the timeline of events, one has to rest assure, the riots have started only after the Danish government refused to succumb to Saudi pressure.

As I thought it would, as the riots began with a bang, they have ended abruptly. In many places around the world, there were no more than a few well organized riots, with well invited media crew. The west is soon to “forget”, or choose to forget what has happened. Although the Danes would now be outcasts in the eyes of the Muslim world, they are sure to return to the Lefty way of life that Europe has adopted. No lesson to be learned, no political shake up.

The dumb masses will have ignored the hypocrisy and hate that the Muslim world has spewed in our faces. The forces of Left will soon tell us that the Palestinians are oppressed (and therefore laws of humanity such as “Don’t Murder” do not apply). The Saudis are oppressed, the Yemenis are oppressed etc. The west has once again “insulted” the “noble” nation of Islam. Because there is nothing which cannot insult those extremely “sensitive” nation of head beaheders.

But there is a lesson to be learned. The world should wake up, shake up, and reject the offense commenced against it by radicals of Islam and Left think tanks. Some have hoped that the latest media rattles have awaken the Europeans. I disagree. I believe the voices heard are simple voices which did not know where to channel their anger thus far. They did not understand the severity of their nation’s surrender. The voters had barely paid attention. The politicians were soon to provide apologies. The European media was soon to broadcast some more lies about oppressed terrorists and evil self defending Jews.

Nothing has yet to change in Europe. Europe, with its troublesome history, has yet to prove where it stands in the war on terror and the war on evil, where it stands with rotten dictators like Fidel Castro, where it stands with immigration, with mosque builders, with human rights in the Middle East. Where does Europe stand with rights of Christians in Europe? How about the Middle East?

The first cannon has been shot at Europe. Soon, the heavy artillery will raise clouds of dust, dirt, and blood. Will Europe ever wake up to defend itself?

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