Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Let’s not talk about retreat. But some strategy? Please?

Beyond the left wing rant regarding war and anti-Bush rhetoric, lays a simple fact: The United States of America is carrying a heavy load of attempting to rebuild and stabilizing Iraq. A country filled with hateful immoral individuals. It had shown no desire to advance, no effort to assist. Like a young bird, it opens its mouth wide and asks to be fed by big mommy bird.

Let me explain my point of view. The civilians went to vote. Who did they vote in? Islamists. What type of constitution did they elect? Did it even mention freedom of anything there? Americans have given their sons lives for the demented Islamists in their goal to impose injustice by the name of Islam. Why is there such a high desertion rate from the Iraqi army? Why are they not willing to fight unless the US officers are there to inspect/assist/command/ do the Iraqis jobs for them?

The key to understand this situation is to look at our government and ask: What was your goal all along? Did you strategize at all? It seems that the answer is obviously no. Or in the worst case, all the assumptions the strategy that was upheld on, are finally unraveling to be false. The end result is that the USA is training the army of the future enemy; much like assisting the Iranians before Khomeini, or the Turks during the cold war. All evidence points to a sad end. They will use the knowledge, money, and support to create the next Islamic Kalfate. (True they will fight each other, but I honestly don’t care – hateful people fight each other, I refuse to stand between them)

I humbly agree, I am not the smartest of people, nor am I an analyst who can bring an easy solution to the table. But consider this: We can just build big bases and our own air ports. Let the Iraqis battle their differences on their own, and upon requests, bomb whatever needs to be bombed. Let them build their own oil infrastructure. Us – the Americans will not see a dime of it anyways. Let us concentrate on building strongholds in the Middle East. Building friendly relationships with whoever accepts us. The state department knows who these people are in the Middle East, but Bush chose to impose a “democracy” there. Try the Kurds. Try some of the Shiites. Treat all Iraqi Sunnis as enemies until proven otherwise. Divide and conquer. Don’t conquer and unite the un-unite-ables.

Peace be with you

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