Friday, February 03, 2006

Even John Stuart got fed up with Sheehan, Get ready for a true world war

I could not believe my eyes, John Stuart on the Daily show amazed and ashamed of the lefti loon Cindy Sheehan. He showed a segment where she exemplified her admiration to Hugo Chavez while calling the US government an evil empire. Stuart responded that for criticism of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, people get sent to prison for 4 years.

Today, the Israeli news website Ynet quoted Venezuela’s second in command regarding an upcoming visit of his deer friends from Hamas. Given that today Europeans have been declared enemy of the Uma – the Muslim world for a cartoon, it is apparent that the world is being divided between Western Free Democracies, and Left wing, Crazy Islamists. The bad news is that on the “dark” side, one would soon find the entire South America continent; the good news is that at least there are signs of awakening in Europe to the imminent threat of global war.

In case one fails to see how the connections are laid between the enemies of freedom, here are a few reminders of events from the last few weeks:

  1. “Peaceful” Palestinians choose Hamas to rule. The slogan “Death to Jews” has never been so popular
  2. Hamas publishes on its website for kids what they really want to liberate - Spain
  3. Iran, Cuba and Venezuela – very deer friends indeed – talks of cooperation are warming up
  4. Pakistan shares nuclear technology with Iran and North Korea
  5. Iran, Egypt, and the rest of the Arab world support Hamas
  6. Hamas has found its friends in the loony world of Venezuela
  7. Hamas threatens the western world to pay up, and shut up, or it will rise against the rest of us
  8. Egypt is actively working to exterminate the Christian Copts. Calls to murder are broadcasted live to the Arab world
  9. Muslims all over the world attack Christians and Europeans for cartoons
  10. A rising tide of defiance for free speech, more publications of the same cartoons in Europe
  11. Iran threatens the world with its oil, and with its arms. Some believe they might already have a nuclear device
  12. Rise to power in a few more South American nations of loony lefties. Calls against the USA are frequent and unchallenged all across the continent.
  13. Mexican army supplying infiltrators of the US border with maps
  14. European officials say it is not a question of IF – but WHEN – a nuclear dirty bomb is set.
  15. Even extreme left wingers such as John Stuart become FED UP with Cindy Sheehan, a cheerleader for the enemies of freedom.

Either you see the connections – or you don’t. In my view, the only reason a war between nations has not been declared is because the west is so afraid of the financial cost, and the evil doers are content with taking small bites at our freedom until we are left defenseless


  1. At the very least we'll be rid of your moron nation. Your time as a global super power is finally over.

  2. To fettuccine: This is exactley what the post was saying about: a bunch (or even more) of agnorant cool-aid lefties which want their Old Europe power back - at any price (even muslim hater is good enough), the most importnant "moron nation will over".
    Well done,Eurotrash: you neither got your power back but also erased your oun fase under multicuturism (=islamism).