Monday, February 20, 2006

Don't let terrorists run the ports, but do hold politicians responsible for their hypocracy

The latest uproar from Democrat senators and congressmen regarding the risk in letting arabs run US ports is an absolute sham. Though I find nothing wrong with the content of their recent complaints, I find great issue with their lack of voice regarding placing terror sponsoring states under the terror sponcering states list.

Voicing objection only to be a side in an agrument against the administration, all the while damaging existing international deplomatic relationship with a foreign goverment is the peak of hypocracy. If the latest complaints were sincere, then they should have been followed with real demands to disconnect ties with the hostile UAE. But where are they?

I am horrified with the idea that shiekhs and al qaueda will control traffic of containers through the sea ports. I do find the republican administration utterly despickable for trying to sneak it under our nose. The democrat polititians are no better simply for jumping to the battle only when it suits their cause to derail the government. There's every reason to begin sanctions against states who sponsered and are sponsering Jihad. UAE is one of them. So is Saudi Arabia, Yaman, Sudan and others.

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