Thursday, October 14, 2010

Syria serious about peace says Swedish FM, too bad they're also serious about terror, war, hate and murder

Assad is a liar and those who dealt with him know it. He says he wants peace while arming and sponsoring terror groups. While contemplating war. While building nuclear weapons. While murdering neighboring Arab nation's leaders.

Sweden doesn't have a clean record with its relationship to Israel. They are highly supportive of Arab terror and have allowed Jews to be chased out of Malmo with unchallenged waves of anti-Semitic violent attacks. Did I say unchallenged? I meant encouraged by Malmo mayor...

'Assad said will press Hamas to recognize Israel'
Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt told former minister Yossi Beilin on Thursday that Syrian President Bashar Assad recognizes Israel and is willing to try and influence Hamas in this regard.

During their meeting in Stockholm, Bildt quoted Assad as saying that Syria "officially recognizes Israel, and this acknowledgment is part of the negotiations between the two countries."

According to the Swedish FM, the Syrian leader said he intends to convince Hamas to follow suit. Assad also said he believes the fact that Hamas' politburo is based in Damascus will help.

According to Bildt, Assad reiterated his desire to resume peace talks with Israel under Turkey's mediation. The Swedish FM told Beilin that Assad appears sincere in his intention to reach an agreement.

Syria is the neighborhood bully acting innocent when called to the principal's office.

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