Sunday, October 03, 2010

Israel convicts 2 soldiers following Goldstone report

They ordered an Arab boy to open a few bags suspected of carrying bombs, while high command orders were not to use civilian population or children in any way which might harm them. These soldiers are not 'victims of Goldstone' - they behaved wrongfully at a time of war and will pay the price.

It's a good advice not to muddle criticism of the 'Goldstone report' with justice done where due. Goldstone report was a false indictment against the legitimacy of any military operation carried by Israel, built upon piles of false evidence, while disregarding the plight of Jewish Israeli population under a siege of rockets and terror attacks.

This case only proves Israel's commitment to high moral standards or as it's called in Israel: purity of the gun (tohar haneshek). Israel does not, has not and forever will not seek to do one tenth of the evils its enemies perpetrate. The world bodies continue to let these evils go without a bit of criticism.

Two soldiers convicted of overstepping authority
Givati infantrymen found guilty of overstepping authority by ordering Palestinian boy to open suspicious bag during Operation Cast Lead.

Two Givati Brigade infantrymen on Sunday were convicted of overstepping authority to the point of endangering human life and inappropriate behavior during Operation Cast Lead in 2009.

The Sourthern Command Military Prosecutor’s Office decided that the soldiers acted inappropriately when they ordered a Palestinian boy to open bags suspected of containing bombs during the Gaza operation last year.

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