Saturday, October 09, 2010

Israel takes out terrorists who murdered to derail 'peace' talks, Fayad condemns

What was Israel supposed to do - let them murder again?

(more inspector Clouseau than a serious Arab leader...)
Fayyad slams IDF's killing of two Hamas terrorists
Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salem Fayyad responded harshly to the IDF's killing of two Hamas terrorists on Friday.

"The path to peace does not come by way of killing our citizens, harming them, establishing settlements or the terror of settlers," said Fayyad.

Earlier on Friday, Hamas's military-wing threatened revenge for the IDF's attack in Hebron that killed a senior Hamas operative an another Hamas activist in the city responsible for a recent deadly terror attack against Israelis.

In other news, I believe there are those who want to see a new 'Intifada' (murderous campaign against Jews aka huge pogrom) in response to the collapsed 'peace' talks.

The following pictures aren't helping:
Settler icon runs over Arabs

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