Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy New Year! 2012 is here! Abbas threatens war as "peace talks" resume

I missed a few holiday wishes on the blog since I was on vacation, and generally was blogging less, so let' open with that:

A. Merry Christmas!
B. Happy Hanuka!
C. Joyous Festivus!
D. WTF - screw Kwanza!
E. Winter Solstice magic to all
F. Magic fairy dust to the rest.

And now to the business of monitoring the ongoing Jihad by Israel's "peace partners":
Abbas: Israel will face 'hard measures' if attempt to revive peace talks fails

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas threatened Tuesday to take “new measures” against Israel attempts to renew Mideast peace talks fail, as meeting between chief Israeli and Palestinian negotiators commences in Amman.
Abbas: ‘All Options on Table’ If Israel Does not Concede

No violence, just a murder of Jew here and there - you know - popular "resistance". Palestinian non-violent style.

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