Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"All American-Muslim" (propaganda) - things that make you say hmm... they keep on being filmed on background of Lebanon flag...

Hmmm... so a high-school football team prays in Arabic to Allah before each game together....

Hmmm... they keep using the phrase "back home".... not referring to USA.

Hmmm... they keep complaining how hard it is to be a Muslim in DEARBORN MICHIGAN?!

Hmmm... how contrived is it that two main subjects of the show go to DC within 2 episodes... Hmmm... hey that's Obama?!

Hmmm... Lebanese Shiites... no one asked them about their allegiance to Hezbollah (inshalla none), or their "family back home" - their affiliation to Hezbollah...

Hmmm... a perfect world that Dearborn, all marble countertops and glitzy furniture, Muslims and very few (as shown in show) are Christians, and oh - wait ...

Hmmm... not a Jew in sight?!

Hmmm... what's wrong with mister McDermot?! Seriously, where did he go wrong in life?

Hmmm... what's that organization that lady went to visit in DC? What do they advocate?

Hmmm... let's not delve much on any subject that makes them uncomfortable... like - dear coach, what will you do if your daughters choose to loose hijab and date Christian boys? Oh - 'very disappointed', wink-wink, nudge-nudge, know what I mean?

Hmmm... this show is trying to give Muslims a better reputation in the USA? I think you guys are doing it wrong, just sayin'

Do you think the following image is offensive?

It comes from this page: All-American Muslim: The Perils of Propaganda

You be the judge.

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  1. Adirondack Patriot8:37 AM

    All-American Muslim needs to cover the "nice Muslim family" in Texas where the father dressed up as Santa and shot his wife and daughters on Christmas.

    Oh, and shop at Lowe's, who correctly pulled their sponsorship of that crappy tv propaganda.