Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Media odd way of describing Israeli channel 10 averting shut down

Israel's 2nd commercial channel, 3rd non-cable national channel - called "channel 10" - was about to be shut down due to mounting debt and lack of viewership. The TV channel is heavily regulated and politicians tell it how it must spend money it earns from commercials. Basically, a group of corrupt bureaucrats who have the best interest of its competitor "channel 2", successfully derailed investments by private entities. This is a travesty.

However, WaPo/AP - has a completely different view of the situation:

Shutdown of Israeli TV station critical of Netanyahu averted

News flash: almost all news departments in Israel are hostile,critical of, Netanyahu. This is the legacy of the 90-s, when Netanyahu was the "put the breaks on Oslo" candidate - and every media person out there made him their personal enemy. Since then, they managed to pin him with every evil known to a lefty. Its amazing Netanyahu is still so popular despite the non-stop negative publicity he is getting in Israel.

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