Sunday, December 04, 2011

Smart Diplomacy: Clinton blasted by Israelis for criticism of Israeli Democracy

Why am I not surprised? This is the same woman who stood by and let Suha Arafat make blood libel accusations, same one who let her activists tear apart the women her husband harassed. I don't understand how some American idolize her. I don't get it.

Interesting how this happens the same week Paneta "scolds" Israel and Obama proclaims in front of Jewish donors his so called support of Israel. Something is really off...

Ministers blast Clinton remarks on Israeli democracy
US secretary of state voices deep concern over wave of anti-democratic legislation, particularly bill targeting leftist organizations; criticizes exclusion of women from public life in Israel. Statements draw criticism by Israeli ministers

She compared Israel to Iran in Democracy and treatment of women. That's lunacy. She wasn't just off-base, she was maliciously off base.

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